Future energy solutions

With the implementation of the Renewable Energy Sources Expansion Act, completely new opportunities arise for companies, citizens, municipalities and consumers to shape their energy needs and their own generation. You are empowered to freely dispose of the energy you produce.

Energy communities

Businesses, citizens and municipalities can form energy communities and ...

✓ produce energy
✓ save energy
✓ trade and sell energy with each other

Individual energy solutions

Businesses and industry can ...

✓ produce and save energy
✓ manage energy across locations
✓ optimize and market energy

Our energy communities

Advantages of a decentralized, renewable energy solution

Stable prices
You are less dependent on the market and benefit from stable energy prices
Climate protection
You produce 100% green energy and make an important contribution to climate protection
Added value
Municipalities can create and maintain added value in the region
Earning Opportunities
New earnings opportunities and savings in the energy cycle are opening up for companies

For whom does an energy community make sense?

Communities can now become the pioneers of the energy transition. The Renewable Energy Expansion Act gives them completely new options for this. Citizens, local businesses and public institutions can join forces and jointly build value in the region.


As a member of an energy community, businesses benefit in any case. The renewable & locally produced electricity is consumed during operating hours and sold to the other participants in the energy community on weekends or in the evenings.

Households benefit significantly from the new legal situation. So far they have been confronted with high grid connection fees and marginal feed-in tariffs. Now they can share their electricity with neighbors, adjacent businesses, or in their home community.


Public facilities
You may have roof areas that can be used for photovoltaic systems, but you would only use part of the energy produced and could pass on the excess to surrounding households or businesses.

Austria's climate goals cannot be achieved without decentralized energy solutions.

"Our aim is to implement sustainable energy systems together with companies, municipalities, their residents and the local economy."

Our services

We support companies, municipalities and citizens in all questions regarding energy communities: From the first considerations of feasibility to the commissioning of the plants.

1. Planning

✓ Check feasibility
✓ Development of an energy management concept
✓ Plant planning
✓ Start of a community process & location networking

2. Development

✓ Selection of partners
✓ Community building
✓ Creation of the Energy Community
✓ Official channels
✓ Planning of the energy concept
✓ Construction of the plants

3. Operation

✓ Operation of the systems
✓ Necessary services
✓ Further development of the energy community and the energy concept

Let's think together about your energy future.

Christian Reichel
Head of Renewable Energy Division
01 / 99 730 22

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